Core Values

In line with vision of parent body shri Siddheshwar Shikshan Mandal Solapur, the institute has developed the culture of a shared system of values, ethics, beliefs with a right attitude that shapes and influences behaviour of individuals contributing towards the progress. This culture is followed throughout the organization from top to bottom right from the inception. Continuous change towards improvement is a policy in the minds of all stake holders. This culture exhibits core operating principles that guide us throughout our planning & implementation. We decide a strategy and adhere to it till its completion. Following mentioned our core values have enabled the institution to scale the heights.

  • Student-centered: Our primary mission is to not only concentrate on educating students in Architectural program, but also to develop a complete personality that exhibits leadership, innovation, team spirit and a positive contributor to the societal sustainable development.
  • Learning-centered: To nurture faculty with intellectual thinking, flexibility, knowledge, skills integrating research, assessment and learning to promote continuous improvement of students through dedication & commitment.
  • Excellence: To pursue high standards through opportunities for scaling new heights in teaching, research, innovation and service to all stake holders.
  • Diversity: To embrace and tune to diversity in all its dimensions realizing that mutual respect for individuality and inclusion of all are vital for each person contributing to institutional success.
  • Service: To appreciate support and recognize services at all levels of the institute leading to benefit of all contributors resulting to the success of the institution.
  • Honesty & integrity: To be committed to promote honesty & integrity, assuring that academic performance is reliably & transparently evaluated and fairly rewarded.
  • Accountability: To foster an environment, where members of the institute understand and accept responsibilities for upholding and reinforcing core values.
  • Synergy through team work: To focus on the traits of team work, good communication, empowerment and commitment to a goal benefiting all.