Our Institute strives to achieve excellence in architectural education by using design thinking and creative problem solving to address the issues faced by contemporary society by preparing our graduates to actively participate in the contemporary milieu, encourage and anticipate paradigm shifts, and respond to change in the local, national and international communities.


Our institute will accomplish its mission by:
  1.  Offering a diverse, interdisciplinary and rigorous curriculum led by an accomplished faculty in a comprehensive studio and classroom environment.
  2.  Challenging students to develop their abilities in problem solving, creative thinking, and informed decision-making as a focus of their professional education.
  3.  Engendering a nurturing and student-centered environment – one that fosters personal development and professional excellence.
  4.  Educating students in skills and knowledge required to improve the quality of the built environment on both a national and international level.
  5.  Preparing students for leadership roles in the fields of Architecture, Construction Science, Community Development and Digital Media Arts.


  1.  Providing quality education by making them aware of the latest building technology; facilitate them to create Innovative Designs and use of up-to-date software’s.
  2.  Building their confidence and sensitize them to the prevailing issues by appropriate guidance, seminars and lectures of Experts on topics related to their course as well as other Environmental issues like Water crisis, Global warming and Disaster Mitigations etc.
  3.  Educating & make them future – ready by interactions with the eminent professional from Academics, Industry and Allied fields.
  4.  Instilling moral values through discipline and create responsible adults by providing proper direction and counseling.